Mike Bousher

Mr. Mike Bousher is a veteran of the US Army. Specialist fourth class Bousher ‎served with the first infantry division – 198th infantry brigade during the ‎Vietnam war. He was honorably discharged in 1971.‎ Mr. Bousher retired from a career in the insurance and financial industry. He ‎has been advocating for veterans for over 25 years as a member and leader of ‎various veterans service organizations. Specifically, he is was a state president ‎for the Vietnam Veterans of America and is the current president of the Florida ‎Veterans Council.‎ Mr. Bousher is also a member of the Florida Governor’s Challenge Preventing ‎Suicide Among Service members, Veterans, and their Families.‎ Mr. Bousher lives in Palm Harbor, Florida and we welcome him to the Florida ‎Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

Jeffery Cathey‎

Captain Jeffrey Cathey served in the US Navy from 1979 to 2008, retiring as a ‎Captain. He was a naval aviator with multiple commands and combat ‎deployments.‎ After retirement Captain Cathey entered the banking industry. Captain Cathey is ‎a tireless advocate for veteran employment as well as other veteran and ‎military issues running the gambit from women’s veteran issues, spouse ‎employment, and student veterans, to just name a few.‎ Captain Cathey lives in Tampa, Florida and we welcome him to the Florida ‎Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

Anthony D'Aleo ‎
Army / Marines

Mr. Anthony D’Aleo is a veteran of the US Army and United States Marine ‎Corps, serving in the Vietnam war.‎ After leaving active service Mr. D’Aleo had a career in the financial industry. ‎Mr. D’Aleo works tirelessly with several veteran service organizations. As a local ‎leader of the Vietnam Veterans of America Mr. D’Aleo makes sure that our ‎Vietnam Veterans have an advocate and friend. Additionally, he looks to bring ‎resources to those that are underserved and those veterans in crisis. ‎ Mr. D’Aleo lives in Jacksonville, Florida and we welcome him to the Florida ‎Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

John Gionet

Sergeant Major John Gionet retired from the US Marine Corps after 30 years of ‎service. ‎ Sergeant Major Gionet continued to serve after retirement, this time as a school ‎teacher. He worked to establish and grow the Young Marines while leading a ‎regiment of those young people. Sergeant Major Gionet is generous with his ‎time averaging more than 10,000 hours of civic and veteran volunteer time ‎annually. ‎ Sergeant Major Gionet lives in Orlando, Florida and we welcome him to the ‎Florida Veterans Hall of Fame.

Greg Holder
Air Force

Colonel Greg Holder retired from the US Air Force Reserve after a distinguished ‎career as a Judge Advocate General.‎ Colonel Holder continued to serve in the US Air Force while sitting as a circuit ‎court judge. He worked tirelessly to assist his community, service members and ‎veterans through Veterans Treatment Court and Employer support for the ‎Guard and Reserves. As a dedicated public servant, Colonel Holder worked to ‎elevate and protect our state and its veterans.‎ Colonel Holder lives in Tampa, FL and we welcome him to the Florida Veterans ‎Hall of Fame. ‎

Don Lanman

Dan Lanman served in the US Army.‎ After his military service Mr. Lanman pursued a successful career in marketing. ‎He is a true veteran’s advocate. Mr. Lanman is current board member for the ‎Florida Veterans Foundation and helps them bring direct support to our State’s ‎veterans. Additionally, Mr. Lanman has worked with student veterans and is ‎very active in other veteran service organizations. ‎ Dan Lanman live in Riviera Beach, Florida and we welcome him to the Florida ‎Veterans Hall of Fame.

John Leslie

Commander John Leslie retired from the US Navy after a career as a Naval ‎Aviator. His service included seaborne deployments to Vietnam.‎ After his Navy retirement Commander Leslie continued to work in aviation ‎including serving as a test pilot. Commander Leslie served his fellow veterans ‎and community in many ways; including hospital outreach, educating students ‎on service and sacrifice and assisting the less fortunate as a homeless advocate Commander Leslie lives in St. Augustine, Florida and we welcome him to the ‎Florida Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

Gordon Lightfoot

Mr. Gordon Lightfoot served in the US Marine Corps, he deployed to Vietnam as ‎member of the 2nd Battalion 3rd Maries.‎ After his service Mr. Lightfoot returned to Florida and had several careers; ‎including high school teacher, union executive, association and executive and in ‎higher education. Mr. Lightfoot worked to build the Tallahassee National ‎Cemetery and stays active in support of that organization. Additionally, he ‎serves our veterans and community is areas ranging from career development, ‎veterans services and mental health, just to name a few. ‎ Mr. Lightfoot lives in Tallahassee, Florida and we welcome him to the Florida ‎Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

Maxine Reyes
Airforce / Army

Captain Maxine Reyes retired from the US Army with enlisted service in the US ‎Air Force. Her service included a deployment to Afghanistan. ‎ After her service she founded a successful non-profit. Captain Reyes is a tireless ‎advocate for our women veterans, dual military families, and under-privileged ‎youth. She has mentored hundreds of individuals while gaining notoriety for ‎her exceptional leadership style and her outstanding community service.‎ Captain Reyes lives in Tampa, FL and we welcome her to the Florida Veterans ‎Hall of Fame. ‎

Glenn Sutphin

Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Sutphin retired from the US Army after 30 years of ‎service with both the Army and Florida National Guard.‎ Lieutenant Colonel Sutphin continued to serve in local government and well as ‎state government; including the Florida Department of Military Affairs and as ‎the Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs. ‎Lieutenant Colonel Sutphin never stopped serving; he helped to modernize the ‎Florida National Guard and continued the work of the FDVA. He additionally ‎works with all sectors of our veteran population to just simply make their lives ‎better. ‎ Lieutenant Colonel Sutphin lives in Tallahassee, FL and we welcome him to the ‎Florida Veterans Hall of Fame. ‎

Ron DeSantis

Ashley Moody
Attorney General

Jimmy Patronis
Chief Financial Officer

Wilton Simpson
Commissioner of Agriculture

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